Nov 20 2009

3d Engine

ankitj @ 2:38 am

[Also see: Game Engine]

This is a Software Renderer written in C#/Linux, which closely mimics the OpenGL 1.x api. It uses uses SDL as the drawing surface (for the final blit). It supports proper immediate mode rendering.

Supported features:
- Primitives – Triangles, Triangle Fan/Strip, Quads etc
- Wireframe, Flat shading, Smooth/goraud shading
- Lights – directional and spotlights
- Texture mapping

It also has an optional, OpenGL pass-through rendering backend.

It also has a separate library (C#) for supporting 3d model formats like – Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk 3ds, Quake’s MD2 and MD3. With support for animations. It also has a scene graph library.

It works on Linux, Windows and Mac.


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