Jun 30 2007

Integrating Vim with MonoDevelop

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This week was Hack Week at Novell. My idea for the hack week was to Integrate Vim with MonoDevelop. Not just as an external editor used by MD to open files, but integration, so MD should be aware of changes being done via vim and vim should respond to various commands from MD.

Current implementation status is that you can see gvim in monodevelop, i have two way communication mostly setup. The class and method combos above the editor respond to cursor changes in vim, and selecting a class/method from the combos makes vim jump to the correct position. It supports code completion (yay!). Vim gets the code completion info from monodevelop.

But there are problems. Vim has some bugs which hinder some stuff, so next I’ll try to fix those bugs in vim. Its not really distributable right now, but it should be soon. I’m not sure whether a lot of people would be interested in this or what all features would be desirable, so feel free to give feedback. Here is a small demo of what is available right now:

This is just a quick post, I’ll post one with more details soon. If you like the project then please vote here.

14 Responses to “Integrating Vim with MonoDevelop”

  1. Ruben Guinez says:

    I think about this project that it is a great idea, and it may be used by a many programmers that have a lot time with vi. Good job!.

  2. Daedius says:

    Great idea! I’m a vim lover myself, and I am sometimes lost with indecision what to do with a great app like monodevelop. C# vim? =P Hope you find your answers.

  3. Matt says:

    Fantastic idea. If you end up hacking at vim to fix those bugs, I’m sure Bram will willingly accept the improvements.

  4. knipknap says:

    Cool, I can’t wait to try this out! Does it support Vim’s :vs command? I totally miss vertical windows in MonoDevelop.

  5. thebeast22 says:


    How i can get your latest monodevelop version from SVN?

    svn://svn.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/monodevelop gave me an unknown hostname error.


    Newbie with SVN and Mono

  6. ankitj says:

    thebeast22, the url has changed to – svn://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/monodevelop

  7. thebeast22 says:


  8. Nathan says:

    Please keep working on this; lack of Vim compatibility is what keeps me away from IDEs.

  9. efleming969 says:

    I’m also very interested in this add-in. Looking forward to trying it out

  10. ARGH@gmail.com says:

    this is a great idea, there is a huge vim community out there, and definitely want more than syntax highlighting / make file integration…

  11. Zak says:

    What’s the status of this? Are you going to get to do more for “Hack Week Two”? That would be great, since I am constantly wanting to use vim commands when I am in Monodevelop.

  12. Michael says:

    Nice work. This combo of VIM and monodevelop is what im looking for for years!

  13. lambda says:

    any progress on this… or is the code accessible anywhere yet? :)

  14. N says:

    Any hope for further work on this? It’s something I’ve been after for a long, long time, and the nearest competition (netbeans with jvi) really just doesn’t do it.

    Also, I’d be willing to put in some time to help make this succeed if you are up for some assistance.

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